Hello and welcome to my site! I am Deletecat, a silly cat-person who's obsessed with technology :3


Here is a list of projects that I have created, highlighted in purple, and projects that I am a part of, highlighted in red.


Not the best name in the world, I am going to change it at some point. This is a script to create a webpage using data from a Firefish users' rss feed. I used to have this feed set up on this site, however, it appears that my RSS feed has disappeared from my profile meaning that it will never update. It was probably a setting I changed but it won't go back to normal >_<
I will likely continue work on this project if I move instance or self-host one myself :3

As noted in the readme, it is the "website aimed for documenting, recommending, and explaining flashcarts."

This site aims to list every DS flashcart in existence with instructions on how to set them up.

Abandoned Projects

These are projects which I have started and never really got around to completing.

This site was intended to help people set up their DS flashcarts. However, a lot of work got in the way of this project and I slowly lost motivation to complete it. Fortunately though, I'm now one of the maintainers of, which is very similar to what I had in mind when I started

Contact me

You can find me in many different places, here's a list of some of them:


@[email protected] - Firefish is a fork of Misskey. Posts are shared using the ActivityPub protocol like many other fediverse projects. This means that if you have an account on Mastodon, Pleroma, Akkoma, Misskey, whatever else; you can follow and interact with my posts! The way my posts are written may look weird, I'm not typing that way on purpose, it's just cat mode :3


Username: Deletecat - You can find my (lack of) repositories here! I am planning on moving away from GitHub at some point as I disagree with the way it's being run, though some of the projects I am working on are currently still on GitHub.


Click here to email me! I don't check this often though.